Sunday, February 20, 2011

Items in my wardrobe I can't do without

 1. Victoria Secret PINK edition sweat suits. They are so comfortable, but still trendy at the same time.
2. Leather Jackets. I have a black & brown jacket, I wear at least one of them over what I am wearing everyday! Good way to keep warm if it's chilly outside.
 3. VS PINK edition hoodies. I wear hoodies all the time, especially underneath my leather jackets. 
4. Sam Edelman boots. They are so comfortable, a high heel and they match with everything! 
5. My True Religion daisy duke shorts! They show some serious leg, they can be dressed up or dressed down too.
6. J Brand jeans - They are almost all I wear anymore. They are extremely flattering and typically stretch jean material so they are comfortable. 
7. Victoria Secret VERY SEXY swimwear. I probably own 11 or 12 bathing suits from this line. You can't get any sexier & still stay classy. It's kind of become a collection hobby for me. I love swim wear.
8. Scarves!! All different kinds & colors! They can complete any outfit and are nice to have in case you are cold. Whether its around my neck or tied on my bag, I like to always have a scarf next to me!
9. Michael Kors sandals, they are comfortable & match everything. I have worn mine so much its time to buy a new pair. SO much more attractive then wearing flip-flops.. 
10. Printed t-shirts.. every color, they match everything you can throw them on & still be fashionable. I couldn't have more t-shirts.
11. Strappy sandal heel. They have great support which makes them so easy to walk in, the heel is high & they are trendy. One of my favorite pairs of shoes. From TopShop.
12. Skinny leather pants. These pants are an easy way to make a statement. Mine are one of my favorite items in my wardrobe!
13. Over-sized blazer's. I have so many different blazers, they the perfect over coat to throw on just in case or carry with you just in case. Never go without a jacket anywhere!
14. There is nothing sexier then a women in a tight wife beater tank. They are casual and comfortable and definitely sexy. I have them in white & black.
15. Tight mini dresses. You can wear them in the day time or at night to go out for cocktail party or night club. They are so easy to wear you just need to throw on a pair of heels!

As you can see my style is all about comfort, I love dressing up & being in style but I have to feel confident & comfortable to feel myself. I also like things that are easy to match and I can just throw on with just about anything in my closet. I don't like to spend too much time matching things and accessorizing.

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