Monday, May 30, 2011

Resist drugs.

Growing up, I have been completely over exposed to drugs at a very young age..  it's all around us. In jr. high it started with pot, then high school the craze was ecstasy, then after high school all I heard about what oxy cotton and cocaine.. now modeling overseas, It seems pure and cocaine are quite popular with the models - I quite often hear "it's just a models life".  Really deeply saddens me.

 Drugs are not attractive, its for people who are very weak. I have seen many people with HUGE potential get caught up and drown in their poor decisions. Even after going to rehab and maybe becoming clean for some time or even forever, a hard addict never will look, talk or act the same. It's very rare for a true addict to come through and be completely back to normal afterwards. It makes my heart drop to see someone who was so smart, beautiful inside and out, determined.. become so weak and depressed.

Why is it that some people go from drugs recreationally to a hard core addict? or what makes them give into the temptation in the first place? Why can't they come to their senses and see whats best for them? Why is it that they are so incapable???

Is it something in their childhood that caused them so much pain they need to numb it somehow? Or do they hate responsibility and nerves so they hide and mask them? Could it just be the crowd they are apart of, a crowd they feel they need to impress?

I will never understand, but each day I run across more and more people (many from my group of friends in HS) that went from amazing to a total junkie loser. What went wrong? I wish I could have helped them or saved them from that path. It really breaks my heart..

I also have taken from this that I want to be a role MODEL.. not just a model, but a role model to every one and other models. A perfect model is healthy, happy, clean and fresh. It is not a models life to take drugs and party, a models life should be eating healthy, working out, be active and clean. It is not "cool" to do drugs in any crowd or age group.

* I have to note that I am not a pot smoker, but I do not mind it nor do I think it should be illegal. Its a natural substance and can be very beneficial to some people.

I wish to all of those who are addicted that they pull through for themselves and believe in themselves. I wish them a happy and healthy life filled with love and forgiving. Those who are young in Jr. Highs and High Schools.. I really hope you see past the stupidity.. and be aware of the consequences and dangers that one decision of taking a drug may effect your entire life and take over your self control. I wish for everyone a happy and healthy life. And remember, the start is picking and choosing your friends wisely. Find friends that think being healthy is "cool".


Monday, May 23, 2011

Some beauties..

Here are some inspiring women I recommend keeping up with. :D
 Model | Designer | Stylist | Photographer | Artist

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Model | Health & Fitness Advocate | Entrepreneur | Actress | Singer
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Terra Wallace
International Model | Actress | Philosopher 

Danielle King
International Model | Student | Best Friend

 Kelly Robyn
Photographer | Student | Stylist | Philosopher | Art Director | Artist

Bianca Kirn
Model | Fashion Icon | Socialite 
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not a diet.. A new way of living.

I recently lost 2 inches off my hips, 1/2 inch off my waist, 1 inch off each thigh, and lost 7 pounds. 6 months ago, I felt like I was stuck in a rut and nothing was changing no matter what I did.. I was convinced that I was at the smallest my body could get by being healthy. I could see that I had a lot of fat, although I was thin.. there has to be a way to get rid of that right? Well with help of my boyfriend, LA fitness, my dad and mom giving me advice and helping me work towards a healthier and more fit body. And the movie Food, inc I feel really changed my way of living.

I am now peskitarian. I don't eat actual animal meat, I still eat cheese, egg whites, seafood, milk, etc. I cut out the actual meat because I have found that there are many leaner forms of protein and iron and fats. The food they feed animals now days and steriods, anti biotics, etc all go into our system. If I was eating a cow's meat that grew up on a farm eating grass I would probably eat it. I don't find it healthy the way the markets are mass producing these meats. One bowl of spinach is a days work serving of iron, and by eating seafoods, nuts, egg whites, etc I am getting plenty of proteins and leaner fats. I have felt a HUGE change since I started this.. I feel lighter, im rarely bloated, I have a faster metabolism.

I also work out every single day. Occasionally I will take on day off.. I try to target one muscle group each day and develop a routine. I never spend more then 45 min to an hour a day in the gym. I try to do 30-45 min of cardio twice a week as well. Doing this in the mornings works best for me because I have more energy and it jump starts my metabolism for the day. Also if you are working out on a not much in your tummy, you body is burning your fat rather then the food you ate all day. I try to do the sauna every day as well at least for 10 mins, it's so good to sweat and clear your pores, etc.

I used to tell myself NO CARBS, NO breads, pasta's, etc. but now that I am working out so much more I need carbs to burn.. I usually have toast or something earlier in the day.

I stopped stressing so much about what I am eating.. if every day I am eating something in a small proportion that has some form of nutrients then I am fine.. over indulging or empty calories are what I stay away from. I am eating a lot less more times a day.. so my meals are very little and I am always snacking. I think eating 3 big meals a day is not good for your metabolism. The older we get the slower it gets.. snacking is the way to go! The smaller amounts of each food you eat the more types of food you can try in a day, I love this idea!

Vitamins. I take Calcium (all women should), multi-vita (everyone should), Vitamin D, & Acidophilus. I also recommend fish oil to help with hair & nails. If I skip a day, I notice a huge difference.. I am very fatigued and lazy.. I believe it's impossible to take in as many nutrients we are supposed to in a day unless we were all on 6,000 calorie diets.. Taking your vitamins fills all the missing spots each day.

Sugar, my addiction. I have a serious issue with sweets, I constantly crave them! Usually when I am craving them, I will have yogurt, tea with honey, try to find something that has sugar but also some nutrients as well. My biggest lesson I learned though, is the more I tell myself NO i can not have something the more I crave it.. If I just fix my craving, taking in enough to satisfy the craving then I don't crave it again for months.

You have to WANT to be healthy, not force it.

This is what worked for me, it will be different for everyone. Talk with a nutritionist or trainer for what works best for your body type!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Seattle Top 10 Fashion Photogs

1. Alvin Nguyen -
2. Marc Von Borstel -
3. Fiona Pepe -
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7. Jan Klier -
8. Michael Moe -
9. John Hong -
10. Mike Luong -

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Deeper meanings.

Lately I have been all about soul searching and finding people's inner beauty. I really admire people with courage, wisdom, strength, knowledge, things that shine from within. People who inspire me, that can help me become a better person, people I can learn from are the people I want to surround myself with. I am sick of being surrounded by people who strive off being the best looking in the room, constantly comparing themselves to other people superficially. When there is something so much deeper, so much more beautiful behind their bodies. The science and chemistry behind the way each person thinks and process's information and situations.. we are all so extremely unique and diverse it amazes me. I feel like some people are too scared to search deeper then what's on the surface because its easier that way, when you get deeper into someones mind its a roller coaster, and I find it fascinating. Exposing our emotions or seeing others can be so overwhelming and scary, but its the only thing that allows us to understand each other deeper then what you see on the surface.. like why they react the way they do, why they feel the way they do, what encourages them, what inspires them, what their fears are.. the things people try to hide from you because it scares them too. I encourage people to start looking past the cover of the book, actually get to know someone within. You'd be surprised by how different it is then what you pictured at first, looks can be deceiving.

Test with Fiona Pepe

Fiona Pepe Photography (
Makeup & Wardrobe Styling by Fiona Pepe
Hair by Toots Hair Artistry
Model: Destiny Delisio
Studio: Fred Wildlife Refuge