Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentines in Pattaya

Im going to start with this picture because this just shows what our Valentines Day trip was all about. Relaxing in front of this amazing view with the person you love is paradise. We did nothing but relax, we never even left the resort. We ordered room service and practically tested everything on the menu. 
 This is me at check - in.. jeans & a tank, no make up .. ready to relax. 
 OK now this is not just a bed, this is the most amazing bed I have slept in in a very very long time. In Thailand they typically don't use feather anything or lots of blankets because of the heat, but the heat is outside .. don't they know of A/C. Anyways, the Sheraton Resort in Pattaya has the biggest & fluffiest bed ever. I spent half of my trip in this exact bed. 

 Here is another picture of our view. To die for. 
 Room service. Just being goofy, was pretty much delirious from all the relaxing, baths and food. Ok no, actually I do weird stuff like this on a regular basis.. thought it was funny. 
 Check out this bath. I tested it out but didn't last that long, I am more of a shower type of girl. My hands were so pruney.. yuck!!
 The best couple ever cuddling in bed. Happy Happy Couple :) Collins Ezekh & Destiny DeLisio
 Here is me above reading a book & Collins below reading a muscle magazine, of course.

This weekend holiday couldn't have been better. This resort was spectacular & I would recommend anyone to go stay there whether you staying in a room or a private house on the beach, this place is a great experience. I will never forget this weekend. 

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