Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall Fashion

I am in SO in love with everything about this collection. I feel he really nailed fall fashion this year. 
Roberto Cavalli Fall-Winter 2011-2012

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Peek-A-Boo Highlights

 I am so sick of the plain old boring flat hair color. It doesn't look natural. I love this look, as if the sun has slightly kissed your hair in all the right places. It looks so much better in photographs as well to add some dimension. Especially when your hair is dark, if your up against a dark wall you hair completely hides... this tiny bit of color lightens up everything. I recommend everyone do this with their hair.. it can be very subtle or more extreme and so many different shades. 

My Style Twins

 Audrina Patridge's style is so similar to me sometimes it shocks me because I literally can find something similar in wardrobe to everything she wears. I am a total Jean & Tee kind of girl.. I like simplicity with a bit of a grunge feel to it. I like everything I wear to have sex appeal in some way. I love that I can throw almost everything in my closet together.. grab a pair of jeans and a tee, throw on some heels, grab my leather jacket and head out the door! Its rare to catch me in a dress during the day time.

Taylor Momsen is the over the top version of my kind of grunge style. I LOVE that she adds so much sex appeal to her style, she is a total bad ass. She is always wearing aviators also which I never leave the house without. She carries her style but still looking comfortable.. I try to be comfortable in every piece of clothing I own but also be very trendy and stylish. It's not an easy thing to conquer. 

Kim Kardashian knows how to add proffesionalism and femininity to her outfits. This I can really relate to, as I am getting older I am trying to incorporate things into my sexy/casual/grunge style that are more lady-like and professional as I am now managing models careers and need to be looked at in a professional way. I admire her class in style...

I think these three styles combined really symbolize my exact style these days. I think the way you dress is very important in the world today especially in my career field. People judge you off the first impression everywhere you go... Your style is what describes you as a person. I would like to be seen as the professional & trendy young woman I am. It's very important not to mis construe your style, be yourself!!!