Monday, June 20, 2011

Work-Out tips for women

1. Keep moving! I always see women do one set then stand around by the machine for 10 min then doing the next set.. The quicker you move the more fat and calories you burn and the less time you spend in the gym! Your body shouldn't need more then 30sec - 1min inbetween sets unless your lifting very heavy weights.

2. To tone and burn fats (most womens goal in the gym) you should lift less weight with more reps and sets. I typically do the lowest weight and 2-3 sets of 50 reps.. it should be easy in the start but around 20 reps it gets much more intense. You want to sweat while your lifting weights to burn.

3. Cardio is very important for your entire body and your heart. I try to do hard cardio 2 times a week, doing tread, eliptikal, stair master for a total of 45min to an hour.. and I actually rotate from machine to machine to work different parts of my body.

4. Before lifting any weights, start your work-out with easy cardio to warm up for 5-10min NOT stretching.. you should do your stretching at the end of your work-out.

5. Never get stuck in the same routine, always try new machines, new things, new classes.. this way you are always using all your different muscles at all different angles. 

6. For women, I think having core strength is VERY important! It helps with bloating, posture, etc. I do the plank and side plank every day and hold it for 30 sec each way 2 times. Your ENTIRE work-out you should always be sucking in your tummy, your belly button to your spine with good posture.. this will strengthen your core without even doing much.

7. I think it's important before a weight lifting work-out to get carbs and proteins an hour or so before hand for max energy.. drink a protein shake or eat toast, egg whites, etc. If you are going to gym for hard cardio or a class you want to eat very little/light before hand if anything at all - this way you are burning fat the entire time rather then what you ate before hand. Maybe yogurt with juice.. something small and light.

8. Push yourself!! When you get to that point where your beyond ready to give up, comprimise with yourself and try to fit in a couple more. When you are giving up those last few reps of very hard work, your giving up your best part of the work-out! Remember no pain is forever and keep picturing that bikini body you want. 

9. Try to build a routine of working different muscle groups different days. I usually do Arms one day, shoulder & back one day, legs & butt one day, abs then fit 2 days of cardio in there or a class. It is important to give each muscle group at least 24 hours rest before doing weights again.

10. Women SHOULD weight lift, it actually burns more fat and calories then cardio! You will see the most results with weight training! Stay away from heavy weights so you don't bulk up.

I hope this helps some of you gym rats! I have been asked a lot of questions recently on my work-out so here ya go! Enjoy & happy work out! XXOO

Test with Alvin

Photographer: Alvin Nguyen
Make-Up: Brian Dean

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Haters of America

Traveling overseas has really shown me really how much America is hated all over the world. Now, let me start by saying by all means I definitely do not think America is perfect, our government has a lot to work on and improve - BUT may I point out how successful our nation is in comparison to most other countries. America is extremely diverse as it is FULL of foreigners! Very many of these foreigners are very successful entrepreneurs and very happy with their lives and what they can provide to their families compared to the lifestyle they were living in their home country. These foreigners are essential in our country because they help economy and in some cases provide many jobs for our other citizens. I feel that people living in other countries are always talking bad about America, but truth is if they lived there they would be really happy. America provides so many opportunities and freedom! I just wish people would have more respect for my country.

Second, I notice the stereotyping of "americans". People instantly assume that I am lazy, un-healthy, obnoxious, "western behavior", selfish, etc. Seriously people, did your parents not teach the lesson about not judging a book by it's cover? Of course every single American is not the same.. we are all our own person with our own morals and values which in America is a HUGE range because of all the diversity in culture and religion. Just because I am American does not mean I am any of those things!

Stop hating on Americans!

La Perla Show

My first job here back in Bangkok was for La Perla at the St. Regis Hotel.
I had 4 looks, all lingerie! I was absolutely in love with the collection! Because some of the outfits were quite revealing I am only sharing 2 of the looks! :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My work out playlist

1. Afrojack & Eva Simons - Take over control
2. David Guetta ft. Rihanna - Whos that chick
3. Chris Brown - Look at me now
4. David Guetta & Wynter Gordon - Dirty Talk
5. Rihanna - S&M dark intensity remix
6. David Guetta ft. Lady Gaga - Distortion
7. LMFAO ft. Lauren Bennett & Goon Rock - Party Rock Anthem
8. The Black Eyed Peas - My Humps Lil John remix
9. Rihanna - Only girl in the world
10. Katy Perry - Hot n Cold LMFAO electro remix
11. Snoop Dogg - Wet David Guetta remix
12. Pit Bull ft Neyo Afrojack & Nayer - Give me everything
13. Morgan Page ft. Lissie - Longest road
14. David Guetta - I wanna go crazy ft
15. 50 cent remix - Like a G6