Friday, February 18, 2011

My thoughts on Thailand thus far..

Ok, well to start off I met the love of my life here so I can't be too harsh on this country. On a positive note, Thai people are extremely friendly & nice.. although they don't speak english they will still try their hardest to communicate by sounds and facial expressions - I can totally hold a conversation with them just by acting things out, making noises & my facial expressions.. its pretty cool. I also have noticed they all seem to have a great sense of humor, they are always smiling and laughing, telling jokes.. being around them makes you feel relaxed and at ease, everything is all good. They seem to think I am pretty amazing which is really nice, 1. Im taller then 90% of them so I stick out in the crowd and 2. My skin is so pale, to them that means Im rich. I get told almost every day how beautiful & sexy I am, but they say it like this "mmm you beautIFULLLL & Sexxxaayyy". I think their accent is very humorous.. If I say "Starbucks or Tops Market" they look at me puzzled, but if I say "Star BUCK or Tops Marrrkeeetttt" they understand.

On the down side, there are lady boys EVERYWHERE. I'm totally cool with gay people, but it freaks me out when men who really do look like women are walking around everywhere - they really could have a guy fooled! Be careful men! Also, the city Bangkok & majority of Thailand is soooo filthy. It stinks like sewer mixed with spices & pollution & sweat.. not a good combo. There are rats and cockroaches roaming the streets, watch your step! There are sad miserable stray dogs laying around or searching for food on every single street. As you walk down the side walk, the tiles aren't fully cemented in so they tip back and forth as you step on them which flings dirt and water all over your feet. Its winter right now and its miserably hot all of the time so spending more then 5 min in the sun your already sweating!

Thailand def. has its ups & downs, but I seriously miss home!!!!

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