Sunday, February 20, 2011

Items in my wardrobe I can't do without

 1. Victoria Secret PINK edition sweat suits. They are so comfortable, but still trendy at the same time.
2. Leather Jackets. I have a black & brown jacket, I wear at least one of them over what I am wearing everyday! Good way to keep warm if it's chilly outside.
 3. VS PINK edition hoodies. I wear hoodies all the time, especially underneath my leather jackets. 
4. Sam Edelman boots. They are so comfortable, a high heel and they match with everything! 
5. My True Religion daisy duke shorts! They show some serious leg, they can be dressed up or dressed down too.
6. J Brand jeans - They are almost all I wear anymore. They are extremely flattering and typically stretch jean material so they are comfortable. 
7. Victoria Secret VERY SEXY swimwear. I probably own 11 or 12 bathing suits from this line. You can't get any sexier & still stay classy. It's kind of become a collection hobby for me. I love swim wear.
8. Scarves!! All different kinds & colors! They can complete any outfit and are nice to have in case you are cold. Whether its around my neck or tied on my bag, I like to always have a scarf next to me!
9. Michael Kors sandals, they are comfortable & match everything. I have worn mine so much its time to buy a new pair. SO much more attractive then wearing flip-flops.. 
10. Printed t-shirts.. every color, they match everything you can throw them on & still be fashionable. I couldn't have more t-shirts.
11. Strappy sandal heel. They have great support which makes them so easy to walk in, the heel is high & they are trendy. One of my favorite pairs of shoes. From TopShop.
12. Skinny leather pants. These pants are an easy way to make a statement. Mine are one of my favorite items in my wardrobe!
13. Over-sized blazer's. I have so many different blazers, they the perfect over coat to throw on just in case or carry with you just in case. Never go without a jacket anywhere!
14. There is nothing sexier then a women in a tight wife beater tank. They are casual and comfortable and definitely sexy. I have them in white & black.
15. Tight mini dresses. You can wear them in the day time or at night to go out for cocktail party or night club. They are so easy to wear you just need to throw on a pair of heels!

As you can see my style is all about comfort, I love dressing up & being in style but I have to feel confident & comfortable to feel myself. I also like things that are easy to match and I can just throw on with just about anything in my closet. I don't like to spend too much time matching things and accessorizing.

Valentines in Pattaya

Im going to start with this picture because this just shows what our Valentines Day trip was all about. Relaxing in front of this amazing view with the person you love is paradise. We did nothing but relax, we never even left the resort. We ordered room service and practically tested everything on the menu. 
 This is me at check - in.. jeans & a tank, no make up .. ready to relax. 
 OK now this is not just a bed, this is the most amazing bed I have slept in in a very very long time. In Thailand they typically don't use feather anything or lots of blankets because of the heat, but the heat is outside .. don't they know of A/C. Anyways, the Sheraton Resort in Pattaya has the biggest & fluffiest bed ever. I spent half of my trip in this exact bed. 

 Here is another picture of our view. To die for. 
 Room service. Just being goofy, was pretty much delirious from all the relaxing, baths and food. Ok no, actually I do weird stuff like this on a regular basis.. thought it was funny. 
 Check out this bath. I tested it out but didn't last that long, I am more of a shower type of girl. My hands were so pruney.. yuck!!
 The best couple ever cuddling in bed. Happy Happy Couple :) Collins Ezekh & Destiny DeLisio
 Here is me above reading a book & Collins below reading a muscle magazine, of course.

This weekend holiday couldn't have been better. This resort was spectacular & I would recommend anyone to go stay there whether you staying in a room or a private house on the beach, this place is a great experience. I will never forget this weekend. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

LOVING rings right now!

1. & 2. Alexander McQueen
3. Michael Kors
4. Paula Mendoza
5. Betsey Johnson
6. Juicy Couture
7. & 8. Pamela Love

My thoughts on Thailand thus far..

Ok, well to start off I met the love of my life here so I can't be too harsh on this country. On a positive note, Thai people are extremely friendly & nice.. although they don't speak english they will still try their hardest to communicate by sounds and facial expressions - I can totally hold a conversation with them just by acting things out, making noises & my facial expressions.. its pretty cool. I also have noticed they all seem to have a great sense of humor, they are always smiling and laughing, telling jokes.. being around them makes you feel relaxed and at ease, everything is all good. They seem to think I am pretty amazing which is really nice, 1. Im taller then 90% of them so I stick out in the crowd and 2. My skin is so pale, to them that means Im rich. I get told almost every day how beautiful & sexy I am, but they say it like this "mmm you beautIFULLLL & Sexxxaayyy". I think their accent is very humorous.. If I say "Starbucks or Tops Market" they look at me puzzled, but if I say "Star BUCK or Tops Marrrkeeetttt" they understand.

On the down side, there are lady boys EVERYWHERE. I'm totally cool with gay people, but it freaks me out when men who really do look like women are walking around everywhere - they really could have a guy fooled! Be careful men! Also, the city Bangkok & majority of Thailand is soooo filthy. It stinks like sewer mixed with spices & pollution & sweat.. not a good combo. There are rats and cockroaches roaming the streets, watch your step! There are sad miserable stray dogs laying around or searching for food on every single street. As you walk down the side walk, the tiles aren't fully cemented in so they tip back and forth as you step on them which flings dirt and water all over your feet. Its winter right now and its miserably hot all of the time so spending more then 5 min in the sun your already sweating!

Thailand def. has its ups & downs, but I seriously miss home!!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sexy Models & Photos

 Model: Megan Fox
These photographs for GQ are stunning.. its makes you want to stare. I love this series of Photos & I think Megan Fox is one sexy woman.

Model: Gisele Bundchen
This models body is absolutely stunning, she has the perfect figure. I find a lot of her photographs very artistic & I love that she is so open to different styles of shoots.
 Model: Heidi Klum
This photograph is amazing. I love the concept & idea and also how brave she is to experiment with such a shoot. I would love to find more from this series. 
Model : Irina Shayk
This models implied nudity shots are my favorite. She really knows how to use her body by keeping these photographs classy and more on the fashion side. She is gorgeous. 

I DO Bridal Magazine - Bangkok, Thailand