Monday, May 30, 2011

Resist drugs.

Growing up, I have been completely over exposed to drugs at a very young age..  it's all around us. In jr. high it started with pot, then high school the craze was ecstasy, then after high school all I heard about what oxy cotton and cocaine.. now modeling overseas, It seems pure and cocaine are quite popular with the models - I quite often hear "it's just a models life".  Really deeply saddens me.

 Drugs are not attractive, its for people who are very weak. I have seen many people with HUGE potential get caught up and drown in their poor decisions. Even after going to rehab and maybe becoming clean for some time or even forever, a hard addict never will look, talk or act the same. It's very rare for a true addict to come through and be completely back to normal afterwards. It makes my heart drop to see someone who was so smart, beautiful inside and out, determined.. become so weak and depressed.

Why is it that some people go from drugs recreationally to a hard core addict? or what makes them give into the temptation in the first place? Why can't they come to their senses and see whats best for them? Why is it that they are so incapable???

Is it something in their childhood that caused them so much pain they need to numb it somehow? Or do they hate responsibility and nerves so they hide and mask them? Could it just be the crowd they are apart of, a crowd they feel they need to impress?

I will never understand, but each day I run across more and more people (many from my group of friends in HS) that went from amazing to a total junkie loser. What went wrong? I wish I could have helped them or saved them from that path. It really breaks my heart..

I also have taken from this that I want to be a role MODEL.. not just a model, but a role model to every one and other models. A perfect model is healthy, happy, clean and fresh. It is not a models life to take drugs and party, a models life should be eating healthy, working out, be active and clean. It is not "cool" to do drugs in any crowd or age group.

* I have to note that I am not a pot smoker, but I do not mind it nor do I think it should be illegal. Its a natural substance and can be very beneficial to some people.

I wish to all of those who are addicted that they pull through for themselves and believe in themselves. I wish them a happy and healthy life filled with love and forgiving. Those who are young in Jr. Highs and High Schools.. I really hope you see past the stupidity.. and be aware of the consequences and dangers that one decision of taking a drug may effect your entire life and take over your self control. I wish for everyone a happy and healthy life. And remember, the start is picking and choosing your friends wisely. Find friends that think being healthy is "cool".


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