Sunday, May 15, 2011

Deeper meanings.

Lately I have been all about soul searching and finding people's inner beauty. I really admire people with courage, wisdom, strength, knowledge, things that shine from within. People who inspire me, that can help me become a better person, people I can learn from are the people I want to surround myself with. I am sick of being surrounded by people who strive off being the best looking in the room, constantly comparing themselves to other people superficially. When there is something so much deeper, so much more beautiful behind their bodies. The science and chemistry behind the way each person thinks and process's information and situations.. we are all so extremely unique and diverse it amazes me. I feel like some people are too scared to search deeper then what's on the surface because its easier that way, when you get deeper into someones mind its a roller coaster, and I find it fascinating. Exposing our emotions or seeing others can be so overwhelming and scary, but its the only thing that allows us to understand each other deeper then what you see on the surface.. like why they react the way they do, why they feel the way they do, what encourages them, what inspires them, what their fears are.. the things people try to hide from you because it scares them too. I encourage people to start looking past the cover of the book, actually get to know someone within. You'd be surprised by how different it is then what you pictured at first, looks can be deceiving.

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