Monday, March 7, 2011

What your REALLY eating.

I recently watched the documentary Food, inc. which I highly recommend everyone to watch. I have read Skinny Bitch before, but there wasn't exactly the visualization going on in my mind of what they were describing so it didn't really strike me too hard. I like Food, inc. because of the perspective they took on it all. Its not all about how its murder to kill animals and eat them and your wrong if you eat meat, blah blah blah.. they more so were pushing the thought that most of America isn't educated on what we are really eating and if we were to know we would all be healthier. I had absolutely no idea what was going on that the USDA is hiding from us. I feel disgusted by the things that I have been putting into my body. I am really looking forward to changing my diet and detoxing.

First of all, they are mass producing these animals so that they can keep up with the needs from Americans.. to do this they have to pile the animals literally on top of each other in a room where they are all pooping and peeing and eating and fighting with no space to even lay down - it's very rare for animals to be living on fields in nature on a farm these days. The goal is to make them all bigger and fatter so that there is more meat to take and more space. To do this they load them with drugs and feed them CORN.. cows are meant to eat grass not corn.. but corn makes them fat, but it also creates an un-healthy cow so then they have diseases and are sick so then the "farmers" load them with anti-biotics and medicine to treat the illness. This is where e coli and salmonella come into the picture. So if you take a look at this we aren't ever eating lean healthy meat.. its fat meat filled with drugs, pesticides, parasites, anti-biotics, steroids.. these too are going into our system! We should be eating healthy happy cows that are naturally created. And the chickens are the most sickening to me, because of the drugs they grow extremely quickly and get 3 times the size they are naturally so their little legs cant even hold them up.. they take a few steps and plop on the ground and some of them die in the process because their organs cant keep up with the rapid growth.

Second of all, why is this all hidden from us?! We deserve to know what we are eating. America needs to be educated on this stuff. It has turned into a nasty little cycle. America doesn't know better so they buy fast food, microwavable foods, etc because it's way cheaper then buying vegetables and fruit, right? So then they gain weight, then comes obesity and health problems like diabetes, cancer, digestive problems, etc.. so then they have to buy medicine which these days in America costs a FORTUNE.. so on top of already having a tight budget they now have to pay for all of these health costs and medical bills which just pushes them even more to keep buying McDonalds dollar menu. Their diet has very low nutrients and is full of pesticides, preservatives, etc which makes them hungrier all the time because the body needs nutrients to get energy, so not only are they nutrient difficiant, but they going to be tired all the time.. which makes the body hungry again.. this creates obesity, then health problems, then financial problems, then more cheap bad food.. this cycle continues over and over again through out America & guess what I think the government is doing it on purpose! They are making so much money off of the process!

If this process is bad for us & the animals why do we do it? We can make a difference.. if we the customers are demanding and purchasing organic and health foods and lean meats then the companies are going to be demanding these kinds of foods to sell to us. Everyone should do their research, I am not saying you should stop eating meat, but you should stop purchasing the animals that are filled with medications and steroids and fed corn rather then greens and aren't mass produced.. it will be more expensive, but in the long run will save you & your family money.

I recommend Trader Joes or any other health food type of stores and doing some research online for some healthier versions of your favorite foods. We have control over this not the government.

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