Thursday, January 6, 2011

Love in Phuket for the New Year

Day #1 - Exploring some of the island & beaches - We asked tourists to take a picture for us and they told us to kiss :) I didn't know we were so obvious of a couple!

The beautiful sunset that night! Every sunset was amazing here.
We spent the new years at Hard Rock Cafe in Phuket then for the countdown joined the beach where there were loads of fireworks! 
 Lets just say we wasted the next day after new years lying around the beach being hung over, fast forward....
 Crepes & Banana smoothie for breakfast - getting ready for a long day!!

Driving around all day site seeing, one of the most amazing views !! 
Hiking through the forest searching for waterfalls.. didn't have the best luck due to the time of year the waterfalls were very small but I got an awesome work out and the air quality was excellent!
Next stop & Last stop of the day, Krabi Beach! We walked along the beach until we came across this adorable little restaurant on the beach overlooking the sunset..
Yummy, the food was amazing!! I had Phad Thai and Tom Yum salad (Papaya salad) & Collins had potato salad, egg rolls & Spaghetti noodles. 
Last day - off to Phi Phi Island well known from the movie The Beach with Leonardo Dicaprio! I could honestly live on a private island in the area & rent boats to people for the rest of my life.. thats how beautiful it was!!

Boat ride took a couple hours but I absolutely love boats & being ON the water not IN hehe so I enjoyed the entire trip..
 MONKEY BEACH!!!! Soooo cute, they grabbed the bananas right out of my hands and chomped away! 
 The water was a color I have never seen before & will never forget! It looked like a huge swimming pool, so clear you could see the fish swimming below. DEF would love to come back!

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