Sunday, January 9, 2011

Diet tips

The most important  & successful diet is a HEALTHY diet. Your body runs its best and your at your best when you are healthy. Here is some ideas on what I call a healthy diet & some tips.

First off, try to stay away from grease, fried foods, fast food, sugar, etc. Try to limit yourself to only one of these things maybe once a week so your metabolism doesn't get lazy. Second, try to eat things that are easier for your body to digest - things like lots of red meats, potatoes, breads, pastas, etc are extremely hard on your digestive system. Everything in moderation.. I try to keep 80% of what I eat in a day things that are easy for my body to digest.

Eat the most in the morning. Eat a huge breakfast & a snack following 2 or 3 hours later.. Its best to eat the bad foods/things that are hard to digest (if you are having) or things with sugar (even fruits) earlier in the day so that you have the entire day to burn them off. Your dinner should always be 2 to 3 hours BEFORE you go to sleep for the night and should be loaded with vegetables and lean protein. Try to have your fruits, carbs, dairy, etc earlier in the day.

Better choices for the food groups..
Breads/Cereals - Oatmeal, Cream of Wheat, Healthy Cereals with Non Fat milk, Wheat Crackers, Rice Crackers, Rice pasta noodles. They say 6 servings of this in a day, I completely disagree & say only 2 max. a day.
Vegetables - Celery, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Pumpkin, Tomato, mushroom (These are all very low calorie)
Believe it or not the veggies you should stay away from are beetroot, carrot, brussels sprouts, red onions, yam, & broccoli. They say 3 servings a day, I say you should have the most you possibly can have.
Fruits - Apples WITH SKIN (less calories with skin then without), cherries, grapes, lychee, Lemon, lime, plum, prune, raspberries (on average 1 calorie per raspberry), Strawberries, Tomatoes, canteloupe.
Fruits to stay away from are avocado, dates, oranges, pineapple. At 2 servings a day, sounds about right to me.
Milk & Cheese - Soy Milk, Non Fat milk, Low fat yogurt - stay away from Cheese!!
Meat, poultry, fish, nuts - Chicken breast, fish - raw is better, almost all seafood is good, egg whites & almonds.

Take vitamins EVERYDAY! I take multi-vitamins, calcium, and pro-biotics for my digestive system.

My normal day:
Breakfast 8am ..
1 Banana blended with ice, milk & half a scoop of whey protein powder
Egg whites scrambled with either a banana or yogurt
with iced tea or water

Snack 10am
Coffee - grande soy vanilla latte
Yogurt - non - fat
Fruit - apple, peach or pineapple usually

Lunch 1pm
Papaya salad, 1 chili, no seafood, no sugar.
Salad with mixed vegetables
Soup - onion, miso or vegetable.
Lots of water

Snack 4pm
Cream of wheat
Spoon full of peanut butter

Dinner 8pm
Some sort of salad with mixed vegetables, tuna or chicken with olive oil & pepper & lime dressing.
eat out for dinner, variety.

Every 2 weeks, I pick a day to eat anything I want.. pizza, cakes, fast food, etc. but I only get that one day. I try to only have up to 1,500 calories a day but whats healthy is different for different body types. Please consult a doctor about your right about of calories and then deduct about 500 calories - they always tell you more then it should be.

Lastly, WALK.. everywhere!! As much as you can.. take the stairs not the elevator!


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