Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Koh Samet 2011

 Here is just a brief review of our holiday to Koh Samet! We stayed for 2 sleeps and 3 days.. We took a ferry from the main land over to the small island Koh Samet. 
 The trip there by bus took about 3 hours then 1 hour by ferry starting from Bangkok. The scenery on the way there was beautiful!
 My favorite thing about this island is all the lovely restaurants and bars along the beach.. while you eating you have this amazing view of the water.
 They had delish food, I don't think there was one place we ate that we did not like. Here is Collins eating some ribs for lunch!
 Walk along the beach, life is so simple and free here. Everyone just hangs around the beach and they make money off all the tourists. The water was gorgeous and so clean!
 Believe it or not, down below, but this is absolutely normal anywhere in Thailand! I have even seen a father carrying his little two or three year old on his shoulders or lap while driving around the city! How is this legal???!!!

 At night the dining is so neat, every one sits on the ground around the tables. They have fire shows and men walking around selling silks and things. Everyone is drinking, eating, and relaxing.. really puts your mind at ease being in this kind of environment.
Here we are at dinner, waiting for our food to arrive taking many pictures of ourselves doing silly faces. We really are so happy & in love, it seems too good to be true. Life couldn't get any better then this!
 On this island, the roads are dirt and very bumpy and muddy so people commute my truck, moped with dirt bike type wheels or quads! We had a blast driving around on the quad, although Collins drove a bit too crazy for me!!

 More food on the beach! Such a wonderful view!

 Strolling along the beach, doesn't take too long to go from one end of the island to the other. Surprisingly, as it is raining season in Thailand, there were quite a bit of tourists/foreigners! But we did get lucky with the weather, it rained mainly at night.

 And to the beautiful sunset we go :D 

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