Saturday, June 18, 2011

Haters of America

Traveling overseas has really shown me really how much America is hated all over the world. Now, let me start by saying by all means I definitely do not think America is perfect, our government has a lot to work on and improve - BUT may I point out how successful our nation is in comparison to most other countries. America is extremely diverse as it is FULL of foreigners! Very many of these foreigners are very successful entrepreneurs and very happy with their lives and what they can provide to their families compared to the lifestyle they were living in their home country. These foreigners are essential in our country because they help economy and in some cases provide many jobs for our other citizens. I feel that people living in other countries are always talking bad about America, but truth is if they lived there they would be really happy. America provides so many opportunities and freedom! I just wish people would have more respect for my country.

Second, I notice the stereotyping of "americans". People instantly assume that I am lazy, un-healthy, obnoxious, "western behavior", selfish, etc. Seriously people, did your parents not teach the lesson about not judging a book by it's cover? Of course every single American is not the same.. we are all our own person with our own morals and values which in America is a HUGE range because of all the diversity in culture and religion. Just because I am American does not mean I am any of those things!

Stop hating on Americans!

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